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S.O.S at a Glance

Sisters of Sarah, is a International Women's Ministry, that is ordained by God to gather the flock of Women who have lost focus, of destiny and purpose due to life's difficulties. We are Sister's of the Woman (Abraham's wife) who was barren and could not bring forth. The Woman to whom God made a promise, but when considering the circumstances and the issues in her life, even what God had promised seemed to be impossible. This ministry is called to restore, rejuvenate, revive and reposition women across this nation and around the globe to get to the place; where they too, can ultimately Conceive the promise of God on their Lives and give birth.

Evangelist/Prophetess Spann is a revelatory speaker with strong beliefs in the prophetic, healing and deliverance ministry. She is sensitive to the voice of God to fulfill every assignment to the glory of God our Father in the earth. She is on a mission to advance the Kingdom of God through the preaching and teaching of the infallible gospel.

This ministry is fully supported and funded by our friends and family from around the world. Every mission comes with expenses. We are asking you to consider giving a generous offering to the mission of  Sister's of Sarah for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Your offering will help us to host our all night prayer meetings on a monthly basis, host conferences and events that will empower individuals to live an abundant life while enriching their soul, body and spirit to truly love God.

The mandate is sure and the needs are great. Let's advance the Kingdom together!

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